November 11th, 2010 
see, the META-JOKE is that the characters are acting like you randomly typed into your browser because you actually really wanted a comic about 1837. if this is indeed the case, then WOW! you have hit the ultimate jackpot with this url, my friend!

The haps: J.J. McCullough did caricatures of some of the Webcomics Weekend cartoonists and I'm totally there!

Also Dave Kellett is working on a webcomics documentary with Fred Schroeder and they both interviewed a bunch of us there. Dave put up some stills from the documentary and HOLY CRAP, we all look amazing. The power of talented camerawork! Here's me and Karl (The Abominable Charles Christopher) and Katie (Hark! A Vagrant) and Emily (A Softer World) and Howard (Schlock Mercenary) and Chris and Anthony) (The Adventures of Dr Mc. Ninja and Nedroid)!

This concludes my "I can only assume everyone want to see pictures of ME" update

– Ryan

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