December 23rd, 2010 
i spent quite some time deciding between "TOOT TOOT" and "TOOT TOOTS AHOY" as the final line of this comic. this is my JOB.

The haps: I stopped writing this comic part-way in to see if there is such a thing as a Batman train and it turns out there is, and it's ridiculous, and it pulls a Joker car. Ladies and gentlemen: how does that even make sense.

Machine of Death! That awesome little anthology that I co-edited with David and Matt is doing really well - it's now appearing in stores worldwide! If you're in Toronto, the Chapters at John and Richmond (by the giant Scotiabank Theatre) has the most copies in the city. In fact, it has copies on every floor: the Books with Buzz Wall on the first floor, the Staff Picks wall on the second floor, and in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Anthologies on the third floor. So awesome! I'm going to be stopping by today to sign them too - perhaps, the perfect last-minute gift idea?? It's definitely not bad, anyway!

If you're NOT in Toronto, but still in Canada, then I've still got good news! now stocks Machine of Death, which is awesome. If you're not in Canada, I TOTALLY STILL HAVE GOOD NEWS:

Indiebound has a list of independent bookstores that carry the book near you! And finally, The Book Depository has Machine of Death, sells books worldwide, and includes free worldwide shipping with every order. This is excellent.

So there is a self-published book of awesome illustrated stories, the #1 Amazon bestseller that accidentally cheezed off Glenn Beck, now available anywhere you are worldwide! Please, enjoy.

– Ryan

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