May 16th, 2011 
"Oh! Ask him about... where he sees the world going in the next hundred years?" / I FORESEE ALL RESEARCH RESOURCES EVENTUALLY BEING DEDICATED SOLELY TOWARDS DEVELOPING FUTURE TECH

The haps: TCAF was a lot of fun, and made me realize I miss day-to-day hanging out with readers! Over on my Tumblr I've been wondering about ways to do that: a new forum? IRC? A secret Twitter username and hashtag? I don't know what but I will think of something so if you are looking forward to hanging out on the internet to talk about comics then HANG TIGHT because something will happen SOONISH.

Also there is a note beneath this and all update right now talkin up Machine of Death! You should submit, I have read some amazing stories so far and am looking forward to reading MORE

– Ryan

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