May 19th, 2011
Is the journey here more important than the destination? No, and even the victorious are doomed to run from the dreamer once more, until the endless cycle of futility consumes them.
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The haps: I got a lot of emails letting me know that the Machine of Death has happened in real life kinda sorta. To that I can only say: NEAT (and also the things I said in that post I just linked to).

ALSO: I made a new shirt!

It MAY be the last shirt you ever need, on account of how it is awesome. "It attracts the ladies when I walk into a room", I hear you saying, "which is awesome, but what ELSE does it do?" Oh I don't know it's just a shirt you need to lower your expectations and remember that you can only ask for so much from a single garmen- JUST KIDDING THE TEXT GLOWS IN THE DARK

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