June 8th, 2011
this is not the first time t-rex has priced out a skeleton for his house, but it IS the first time he has considered putting it on display there instead of dressing it in construction worker clothes and stuffing it inside the walls
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The haps: Everyone's favourite They Might Be Giants put out their Mink Car album back in 2001. Eighteen artists (plus me, doing cover art!) are putting out a cover album of that entire album, ten years later! All proceeds from the album are going to the FDNY Foundation, which supports and trains New York’s essential emergency personnel.

I am excited for this! A lot of the artists are ones I've already pointed you to and said "Hey, listen!" including MC Frontalot and Molly Lewis and tons more. It's gonna be pretty great! The album's not out yet (I'll tell you here when it is) but I wanted to get everyone EXCITED for FUTURE FUN TIMES (those are basically the best things to look forward to).

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