October 28th, 2011 
casey moaned as riley moved away: it was a moan of frustration. "i thought tonight was sex times night?" casey said, but riley was gone, out of the room. a few seconds later, noise from the tv drifted up from downstairs. with a sigh, casey reached for the smartphone at the side of the bed. seconds later, a new twitter post was completed. "lol", it read.

The haps: Odds are there's someone in my audience named Casey who is friends with Riley, and someone named Riley who pals around with Casey. I MADE THIS COMIC FOR YOU TWO; I HOPE THINGS AREN'T "AWKWARD"

Here is a pumpkin Jeff made for Hallowe'en!

And here is a program Adam made that combines Twitter and Flickr and keywords to make POETRY, in this case, about this here comic!

And here are some words for sale!

– Ryan

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