November 17th, 2011
based on a true story in which i tried to tell a joke and got all confused; it's harder without dinosaurs
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The haps: When I was down in NY signing books I saw that my new mugs came in! I don't want to "say things I can't take back" you but this may well be the last coffee mug you'll ever need:

It is a great mug to casually sip on while making significant eye contant.

Also! When I was done signing I made a handful of sketch books that aren't made out to anyone PERSONALLY but still have a drawing I did of T-Rex wearing a cool hat in them: if you missed out on the chance to get signed books, these aren't available yet but will be for a very limited time (there's only about 40 of them). Generally stuff like this sells out pretty fast but I always mention it on Twitter when it goes live!

This concludes: BUSINESS UPDATE

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