January 19th, 2012
"Sherlock Holmes vs Sherlock Holmes" is the story of Sherlock Holmes reading a Sherlock Holmes book, with him making comments about how he'd solve the case at the same time book Sherlock solves the case. Sequels just add on another layer of Sherlock. DID YOU KNOW: you can make as many sequels as you desire?? DID YOU FURTHER KNOW: i really like this idea and that's going to be tomorrow's comic. FORESHADOWING
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The haps: Yesterday Dinosaur Comics participated in the SOPA/PIPA blackout, as you probably noticed! You can go back to yesterday's comic and read it without interruption, and with the non-censored title text it was originally going to have! It was a success, but there's still work to do. If you'd like to see the censored page again, add butiwouldratherbereading=theRIAAversionoftheinternet to the comics URL.
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