February 9th, 2012 
corpses have cadaverine and putricene in them that make them smell bad. maybe poops are full of pooptonium? HELLO SCIENTISTS AN INTERNET CARTOONIST HAS SOME QUESTIONS HERE

The haps: Thank you all for being so into the Adventure Time comics I'm writing! In celebration of how awesome it went yesterday (sold out at the retailor level before it even reached customers, and then sold out again in tons of stores - but it may still be available at your local comic shop, you should check it out!) (but you can still get it digitally!) I showed how my script went from words to a finished comics page, and Aaron shared his process (painting!) and Chris shared his cover process too! Then I got to share the different character designs for Desert Princess (a new character who shows up in the comics) after Braden posted them.

The reviews so far have been really encouraging. MTV loved it and called it "a new all-ages classic"! WHOAH. Also, this eight-year-old loved it too and gave it five stars. Hooray!

And people have already found T-Rex's little cameo in the comic!

Anyway I hope you like my comic and thank you for picking it up!

– Ryan

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