May 2nd, 2012 
this is the point where dinosaur comics starts a wizard-centric reversal. up next! wizards: WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??

The haps: Chris "Dr. McDodgeball" Hastings is staying with me this week, and he suggested I work in wizards. IT WAS A GOOD SUGGESTION, THANK YOU CHRIS.

Speaking of good, at the Calgary Comics Expo we were thought, hey, it's so rare that we're all together, let's take a photo of Team Webcomics! So we were doing that, but then look who barged into the picture, quickly unfolded some chairs, and sat down right in front of us!

From left to right that's Chris Hastings, Brandon Bird, David Malki, Me, Cristi and Jeph Jacques, and Holly Post.

Then photobombing beneath us you've got oh I don't know the THE ENTIRE COMMAND STAFF OF THE ENTERPRISE D.

– Ryan

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