June 29th, 2012 
in our timeline he went by the name Morgan Robertson, though in the Dinosaur Comics timeline he used the assumed name Dinosaur Morgan Robertson and the Titanic was built by dinosaurs and was dinosaur-sized and it was crewed by dinosaurs in little sailor outfits, OMG I can't stop thinking about this

The haps: So years ago Chris Baldwin sent me a guest comic which I - never saw? I blame spam filters. Then we met at TCAF and he was like "Hey, um, this is weird but did you ever get that comic I sent you?" and I was like "DUDE SEND IT AGAIN" and he was like "Okay I will do that thing you asked" and then I missed it again BUT this time I searched my email when I remembered and here it is!

Thanks Chris, sorry it took years to get this up! Chris does Spacetrawler and has completed the comics Bruno and Little Dee!

– Ryan

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