July 3rd, 2012
"Here's some cream that'll make you young and awesome again," said the crimebusting teen. "Never grow old," muttered Elijah, rubbing it all over his body, "for it is a tragedy at once universal and embarrassingly personal." "Not a problem," said the teen. "My skin leaks that stuff so I'm always covered in it." The teen licked one of his fingers. "So I'm good."
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The haps: Remember Whispered Apologies? Well there is a whole book of comics drawn by one person and then written by another and I'm in it as are a ton of other cartoonists you like! AND you can get it right here for whatever price you want to pay AND there's a free preview too! Here is a page from my story, about a little girl dealing with scary talking money:

Check it out if you enjoy... COMICS.

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