November 15th, 2012
"Wait, you're also a handsome man without any flaws?" said Hong Kong China. "Yes," the handsome man replied, flawlessly. Hong Kong China lost herself in his eyes for a moment, and then opened the door, revealing all the other handsome men without flaws inside. "Join the party," she invited.
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The haps: An amazing thing you can buy is a big ol' laundry bag with a giant green dollar sign on it!

Don't you hate how on laundry day you DON'T look like a cartoon bank robber on your way to and from the laundromat? Good news, friend: those days are OVER! Impress your friends with your casual riches, confuse patrolling law enforcement officers, put actual money inside of it if you are really that loaded because why not.

The first shipping deadline is this next Monday, November 19th for International First Class shipping! :0

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