January 16th, 2013
I'm pretty sure in my dream there were trillions of lives all living in a complete, consistent universe, and we invented physics? Man I gotta write this stuff down! Okay so the basics of physics in this universe was that matter was also en... en... energizing? That's not right. Hah hah, it's always so hard to remember dreams after you wake up ...and yep, it's gone. Totally, completely gone. Oh my gosh look at the time, I'm late for work!!
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The haps: Are you a voice actor? If so that's awesome because I'm making an audiobook version of To Be Or Not To Be so if you could send me a sample / a link to your portfolio that would be super cool. If you send a clip please have it be something in modern English because that's what my book (mostly) is too!
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