April 18th, 2013 
"given up on studying their own fleshy bodies" is a phrase that can preface many professions. artists have given up on studying their own fleshy bodies to draw pictures of other people's instead! astronauts have given up on studying their own fleshy bodies and instead prefer to spend their time floating in deadly space.

The haps: I have heard from someone who was on Intel's 286 and 386 design teams, and he was able to confirm that there was NO insanity. However he was also able to confirm that the entire team all went to get ice cream together, which is almost the exact opposite but somehow JUST AS GOOD A STORY.

Hey, out today is Adventure Time #15, a stand-alone story! It's available at your local comics shop and all sorts of places AND it's exciting because yesterday it was announced that the series is up for three different Eisner awards! And Meredith Gran's Adventure Time series is also nominated. IT IS A GOOD YEAR FOR COMICS

You can read the first few pages of AT #15 here!

– Ryan

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