February 12th, 2014
it only transmits emotions though; you don't actually get to go back in time. i guess i MAY have oversold this a little in panel two?
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The haps: Yesterday Emily and Joey and I were guest lecturers at Trent University and we talked about remixing and it was a lot of fun! If you weren't there TOO BAD, you had to be signed up for the class anyway. The only way to increase your odds of addending such a lecture in the future is to sign up for all sorts of classes and degrees at every university you can. Maybe do a few extra degrees, you know??

UPDATE: today's comic is a prequel to this comic from 2008 because I wanted to do a prequel six years later and NOT because I forgot I'd discussed this topic ever before and feel really super dumb about that!! Yes hah hah that is definitely the case here! Haha woooooo

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