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April 2nd, 2014: OKAY YES changing Dinosaur Comics to a comic where the pictures constantly change was only for April Fools' Day, I GUESS. I guess this is why all those tech companies test the waters by launching new features on April 1st, huh? You can play off your hopes and dreams as a joke.

If you want to recreate this experience, add "&butiwouldratherbereading=onaprilfoolsday2014" to the end of any qwantz comics URL, or, to recreate it EVEN HARDER, add "&butiwouldratherbereading=somethingthatwilldestroymybrain".

There are a bunch of other overlays too! If you are vision-impaired in the way that means reading black text on white is tricky, there's also a "white-on-black" inversed version (assuming your browser supports it: Chrome does). Turns out this feature has legitimate uses!

To make sure the best gifts ever in time get to you when you want them, here are the HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES. Orders placed before or on these dates will get to you in time for Christmas!

December 5th: Last day that ALL US shipping methods are safe.
December 12th: Last day that to use USPS Priority or Express for international orders!
December 13th: Only USPS Priority Express or FedEx 2- for guaranteed Christmas delivery.
December 18th-December 19th: FedEx 2-Day and Overnight might work, but no promises!!

Here that is in GRAPHIC FORM!

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