March 29th, 2006 
even the example t-rex gives is fundamentally flawed. who would like to be known as a 'sexual basketball player'? 'sexual basketball' sounds like some game a creepy guy would make up and then try to get you to play with him. what's the deal, creepy guy?

The haps: It's kind of short notice, but I'll be at Ad Astra this weekend, on Saturday, April 1st at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Toronto. That is their mini comics convention day! I won't be selling anything but I will be talking on panels - maybe even one about Women in Comics. There are other panels called things like "How To Buy A Sword", so I'll understand if you're more interested in that. (I personally think the best technique is to present yourself as a dude who just happens to have, you know, a passing interest in swords.)

– Ryan

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