April 3rd, 2006
the origin of the idea was that t-rex was having a tiff with his dog and wanted to make him EVEN ANGRIER by talking about replacing him with an electronic pet car that ages somehow. then he was like, holy cow, how come i'm not playing that game RIGHT NOW??
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The haps: It's encouraging to see that pretty much the entire internet thinks what happened in Ravenna is absurd! It will probably be alright for the girls involved - I can't imagine the police actually pressing charges.

In non overreaction news, hey, Jason Eppink's short film "Dinosaur Comics Episode 1" (which is basically the first comic I did in ANIMATED FORM) is entered into a film festival for short cell-phone films, called Mobifest. You can view it here and vote for it here! (You have to sign up for an account first to vote, which you can do here.

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