April 10th, 2006 
did you notice how i left the gender of the really attractive friend ambiguous? this is so everyone can enjoy their own mental image. this is because i am a considerate writer who cares about his readers

The haps: New Jersey was a lot of fun. Thanks to Sarah and Noah, who not only are awesome people, but who were kind enough to get us a hotel room AND eat pancakes with us. It was GOOD TIMES.

Hey, here's some good news! The six girls in Ravenna who were maybe facing charges for their sweet Mario blocks are off the hook, and will not be charged. All they have to do is each write a letter to every law enforcement agency involved and apologize for doing something like that in this day and age. I'm just glad the girls won't get in any more trouble. You can see their blocks on the site here, and here is a nice comic Chris Yates did that I forget to link to on Friday.

I'm catching up on email from my weekend away today, so if I haven't written you back, it's not because I hate you. PROBABLY!!!

– Ryan

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