April 25th, 2006
although, upon closer inspection, 'What Do You Do When You Want To Give A Loved One A Present That Is Alive' would also make a pretty sweet title. can you imagine?
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The haps: RSSPECT (the site I wrote that makes creating RSS feeds easy) has been getting a lot of use, but I'd noticed that many people wanted to create RSS feeds for sites they didn't control, like for instance, the list of corrections to CBC news stories. So, I added a new type of RSS feed to the site today, that lets you create feeds for such sites. Now you can use RSSPECT to create an RSS feed for almost every single website (or document) on the internet! Pretty sweet. I hope you find this useful!

An issue I kept in mind with doing this is that some site owners might not want their content mirrored on an third-party RSS feed, so our feeds just contain links to the updates, rather than the actual updates themselves. That way, everybody wins! (Incidentally, here's the feed for keeping track of CBC corrections!)

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