June 26th, 2006
this is a crazy comic about how t-rex likes the kanye west song from a while ago. have you heard the song? it's pretty catchy and it is about a woman who digs for gold, totally metaphorically!
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The haps: So the problem with convention season is I spend most of my time saying "I'm gonna be here and then I'm gonna be here!" and most of the news posts are about me! IT'S TIME TO CHANGE ALL THAT. Here are some great comics that are Ryan-ApprovedTM and that deserve more readers:
  • Thinkin' Lincoln - it is about US Presidents, but not in a bad way!
  • Edwitch - it is about a little witch and it has jokes and good pictures!
  • XKCD - it is a low-fi comic drawn by a PHYSICIST. A physicist who works on ROBOTS. This one is one of my favourites!
  • Mountain of Sadness - these comics by Andrew Lin are each brilliant and I would marry them if it were even possible.
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