July 25th, 2006
now folks can't get mad at me for tacitly endorsing funny wikipedia vandalism because fictional jimbo wales HIMSELF is all for it. good ol' fictional jimbo wales! he's the most accommodating instance of jimbo wales that i know of.
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The haps: Hey guys, you don't have to edit the Wikipedia article on "evil" to reflect this comic - I linked to a version of the article that was already edited, so that we could have a laugh while those who are seriously using Wikipedia as an academic source will not be confused about what evil is. It is just polite! PLUS, maybe it will prevent a Wikipedia editor from LOSING IT, CHANGING SIDES, and vandalizing the Wikipedia articles about me in retaliation.

It turns out I need to apologize to the readers of the Livejournal feed for Dinosaur Comics, because a missing tag on my part screwed up about 4,500 friends pages for a few hours yesterday. Sorry Livejournal users! It was a mistake and not meant to be an act of live journal terrorism

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