August 24th, 2006
if i were a sleazy guy i would use my 'if i were you, i'd tell my friends about me' line ALL THE TIME. i'd have it printed on business cards! i'd hand them out to women i just met while stealing sips of their drinks.
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The haps: There's a 17 minute audio interview with me done by Jim Munroe, who you may know from his No Media Kings website where he writes about self-publishing and invoices companies for product placement in his books and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. We were on a panel together once and he knows so much about so much that it is kind if intimidating, but he's also really nice, so it works out well! ANYWAY, we sat down for a lunch a while ago and chatted and he recorded it and you can listen to it here! I think I talk about how I need to buy new pajamas. AND MORE???
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