October 6th, 2006 
mulvey LATER wrote that the paper in which she talked about the male gaze was meant as more 'provocation' than 'well-reasoned argument'. sweet! this is a great way to silence critics. it is the 'hah - you fell for it suckers!' school of debate. the only allowable response is 'oh man, you got me! you got me!!'

The haps: Thank you everyone for sponsoring me! You are all awesome and I have made the minimum and will TOTALLY BE CLIMBING UP THE TOWER on the October 21st. The money raised goes to the United Way. If you still want to be generous, you can sponsor my brother Victor and my friend Allene (who you might know from her comics), who will be climbing with me! NO SLOWIES ALLOWED

ATTENTION FIREFOX USERS: here is a clever script that remembers the last comic you read for my comic, as well as for Megatokyo and Sinfest. It is pretty clever! Thanks, ecmanaut! Also while we're talking Firefox here is a patch that corrects Firefox's 6-year-old and still unfixed title text bug, which you might also want for reading my comic.

Finally I just got that problem, the one where all your emails since January get suddenly erased forever, so if you've sent me something in the past little while that requires a response, please to send it again!

– Ryan

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