November 13th, 2006 
you could go over to Invention Personified's house and her mother would serve you all these super tasty cookies and you could say 'You've made some very delicious cookies, Mrs. Personified' and she'd say, 'oh, please, call me Necessity!' AND HEY PRESTO THAT WAS A LOT OF BACKSTORY FOR A PUN

The haps: I hope you had a good weekend! I spent the majority of mine being sick. Getting sick was a BAD DECISION. I would have words with my body.

Welshy on the forums pointed me towards Dony Permedi's wonderful animation thesis Kiwi, which you can watch on Youtube by clicking that link or in Quicktime by clicking this one! It is beautiful.

I've also been pointing my friends towards Rabbit, which I found on Drawn. You can view the film here!

– Ryan

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