January 9th, 2007
have i got a movie for you! ZOMBIE JURASSIC PARK. zombie velociraptors surrounding people in the dark, half-eaten zombie humans bursting out of zombie t-rex stomachs, an undead army of both humans and dinosaurs, lit from behind, moaning their way towards the camera.
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The haps: The comic I did a while back about tagging is included in Wallspankers Three, which is a free-to-download collection of stickers done by street artists, the idea being you print them out and put them up around your town. It turns my comic into almost self-aware META-VANDALISM.

Also hey there's an interview with me up at Invisible Ink! It breaks my apparently long-running streak of only being interviewed by women. If you're wondering how I got the police to come to my house in high school JUST BY SENDING EMAILS, well, the answer is there!

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