February 19th, 2007 
if you are offended at friday's comic about CHINESE new year and agree that the chinese do not have a monopoly on a lunisolar calendar, then i invite you re-read the comic, but substitute the appropriate instances of 'chinese' with 'lunar'. this will result in a comic about the holiday of 'Lunar Queen Victoria Day', a holiday (and queen) which are, almost certainly, without peer.

The haps: I got an email this morning telling me that I have won a Web Cartoonist Choice Award for Outstanding Writer! Thanks, fellow web cartoonists! I will try to write EVEN HARDER in the coming year. You can look at the results here. I'm really happy for all the winners, since they are all rad. Also fellow Truth and Beauty Bomb dudes Joey Comeau and Nick Gurewitch also won awards so everyone is happy and not sad!

Jeff Rowland, who you know from Wigu and Overcompensating, both of which are comics I recommend without hesitation, except the hesitation that comes from wanting to recommend a comic right, has a new book out! It is called The Case Of Atlantis and if you want a comic in which a boy and his family and his best friend who has been turned into a airplane rocketship thingy discover Atlantis then THIS IS THE COMIC FOR YOU.

– Ryan

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