March 6th, 2007
she's actually wonderful, but turns out imaginary FULL-POTENTIAL HAPPY t-rex is also imaginary STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND t-rex
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The haps: Your friend and mine Bernie Hou of Alien Loves Predator has a new project up that is fun times! It's called The Burgg and the way it works is you draw cheezy illustrations of famous scenes from movies and others get to guess what movie you're trying to show. It is ridiculous and fun!

Also, whoah, way to go guys! So far we've got 127 members on the distributed computing team and yesterday did about 18 days of worth of curing-disease computing. That is awesome! Right now my computer is examining the performace of drug candidates for fighting HIV/AIDS and if you'd like to join and let your computer do useful work in its spare time, you can do so here. This site gets several thousand readers a day, and if they ALL joined up without exception then we could take on those bastards at IBM who are submitting over a year's worth of calculations every 24 hours. FORGET YOU, BIG BLUE.

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