April 23rd, 2007 
2 to the 33rd power = 8 billion people, and even if we include dead dudes, that only gets us another minute or so of narrative, tops! IN CONCLUSION, IT IS TRUE THAT WE CAN IMAGINE THINGS THAT MOST LIKELY HAVEN'T HAPPENED TO DUDES. good to know?

The haps: Congratulations to the talented creators who got nominated for Eisner awards this year! Hope Larson got nominated for Gray Horses, which is a treat of a book. In the Best Digital Comic category we find Bee, in "Motel Art Improvement Service", Girl Genius, Phables, the Sam and Max comic, Shooting War, and Minus. All are deserving and excellent comics, and I'm pleased to say I'd read them all before except for Phables. Ryan "Minus" Armand did a guest comic for me way back when, so it's great to see him get this sort of recognition. Congratulations, everyone!

Also nominated is the truly stellar "Vampire Loves", a book I will recommend to you Without Hesitation. It is one of my favourite comics from the past year and maybe EVER. It is romantic and funny and great.

– Ryan

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