What are the haps my friends

January 2nd, 2009: Happy new year, cats and kittens! Thank you for reading my comic and for making 2008 totally rad. I hope 2009 will be totally rad as well for each and every one of us!

To start off the totally rad, for Christmas I got a wireless digital picture frame, and have set things up such that anything on Flickr tagged "iampostingthisnaked" is automatically downloaded and displayed on my living room table! It's like living in the future. So if there was ever an image where you were like, "MAN I wish this image was in Ryan North of Qwantz dot com's living room right now", this is totally your chance!

You can flip through this Flickr link to see what's already been uploaded. All the shots are pretty rad: thank you, internet!

(The frame only grabs the 15 or so most recent images, so it works best if you upload a new image and tag it rather than retagging an old image.)

One year ago today: i am trying to ascertain your baby's deal. a moment alone, please.

– Ryan

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