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What are the haps my friends

April 1st, 2010: I'll post the spring footers on Monday!

That was a fun April Fool's Day, you guys! To replace T-Rex and company with Reginald and Beartato from Nedroid, I used the trick of a transparent PNG file that masked out the existing graphics. Then, I was free to put any new graphics on top! The empty mask file is here, if you want to play with it.

And play with it you might want to, because although I've turned off the image replacement by default, it's still available on the site! Just add "&butiwouldratherbereading=nedroid" to any Dinosaur Comics URL and you'll see something like this.

To pull this off I actually used some older code that hadn't been up on the site since - wow, 2004, I think - called "What if Dinosaur Comics had Puppies with Other Comics" (it was a good name then and it remains a good name now). In this same folder I found some old images that had been made then for other comics, so check out:

Dinosaur Comics plus Achewood
Dinosaur Comics plus Penny Arcade
Dinosaur Comics plus Wigu
Dinosaur Comics plus Pokey the Penguin

And feel free to make your own! Just draw in the white space in the mask file, keeping in mind that anywhere you put art that isn't white runs the risk of covering up text (the Penny Arcade one is especially bad for that) (as is the Pokey one but it's on purpose there!)

You can do other tricks too (assuming you avoid the guest or mirror universe comics)! Here's one I just made called Dinosaur Comics where T-Rex Swears Way More


Problem Sleuth T-Rex!!

Daisy Owl T-Rex! Shortpacked T-Rex! Wondermark T-Rex! And if you mis-read "onewheretrexSWEARSmore" as "onewheretrexWEARSmore", that dream can come true too, although be careful because after looking at that, going back to the original comics makes T-Rex look so, so naked.

One year ago today: anyway i'm off to the chocolate factory!! LATER SUCKERS

– Ryan

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