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What are the haps my friends

April 5th, 2010: Are you going to the MoCCA arts festival this weekend? I am going to the MoCCA arts festival this weekend and I hope to see you there! It is a fun comics festival in NEW YORK CITY and I'll be at the TopatoCo booth with a bunch of other awesome cartoonists! It is a great chance to shake sweaty hands, and that's all I'll say because it should be enough.

Man it's been such a busy weekend I haven't been able to get the spring footer sorted out! TOMORROW FOR SURE. Thank you to everyone who sent one in so far! (The newspost beneath this comic has more details.)

I'll also be adding some new overlays that were sent to me soon too! (The newspost beneath yesterday's comic explains what I'm talking about there.) (It was really fun on Friday adding all those overlays.) (I think my favourite is "onewheretrexwearsmore".)

One year ago today: "cutting crew" has died tonight. in your arms. in their dying breath, they speculate that it was something you said.

– Ryan

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