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What are the haps my friends

May 3rd, 2010: There is a new book out today and it is by Andrew Hussie of MS Paint Adventures Dot Com, who you might remember from the time I parked outside his house and peered in through his windows, watching him carefully dispatch his breakfast. It's a Problem Sleuth book, you guys, collecting chapters one through five PLUS a whole bunch of new stuff and an introduction by me that I wrote with these two hands! It's called Problem Sleuth Book One: Compensation, Adequate.

This is more than a book recommendation that I'm giving you. This is me knocking on your door, solemly placing this book in your hands; this is me winking like Santa Claus. Your front door closes all on its own and you stare at the book in your hands. You read it, standing there in your entryway, cover to cover, and when you're done you walk to your mailbox and grab a random letter. You discard its contents, pull out $20 plus shipping from your wallet, and stuff it into the envelope. You cross out your address and write "ANDREW HUSSIE, THIS IS FOR YOU", and you affix sufficient postage. You stare up into the sky.

It's a beautiful day.

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– Ryan

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