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What are the haps my friends

June 23rd, 2010: What happened with Samantha and her mystery man on the tube? Will they meet again? WILL LOVE CONQUER ALL?? Here's an email I got from Martin, verified to be The Guy:

Dear Ryan,

A funny thing happened to me the other day - a Canadian started talking to me on the tube. It would have been funny no matter where she’d been from - people really don’t talk to each other on the tube in London unless they really have to - but she started by complimenting my choice of Dinosaur Comics T-shirt too and I can’t tell you how rarely THAT happens. That’s not because your T-shirts aren’t rad, it’s just there’s not so many people here that read your comic (or if they do they don’t advertise the fact on the public transport, or strike up conversations with those that do).

Anyway, it turns out she was really nice and was teaching English in London. We had a nice conversation about how restrictions can encourage creativity (once I’d got used to the idea of someone talking to me on a train). I completely failed to finish telling her about Matt Madden’s 99 Ways to Tell a Story before she had to go.

A week later I had an even stranger experience when I was going about my normal webcomic-reading business and I think you can guess what it might be.

I'm incredibly flattered - it certainly made my day. Unfortunately for Samantha I’m not single, and my girlfriend isn’t keen on me running off with someone I met on the tube. I know because I checked. It would have been a beautiful story to tell the grandchildren - sorry to disappoint everyone!

There is a lesson here for all single people though - read awesome comics, buy awesome t-shirts and take public transport.


So! It's bad news for Samantha and Martin BUT I still think this is a happy ending. Martin already has an awesome girlfriend so HELLO, love has conquered all before we even knew about it! And Samantha was a little relieved because she's leaving in two weeks and her goodbyes are going to be bittersweet enough already. And the next time I indirectly bring two strangers together I'll do more to check that they're both single first, I PROMISE.

One year ago today: every time someone bikes by me and shouts out a compliment i'm all, "friends for life!"

– Ryan

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