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What are the haps my friends

May 6th, 2011: Even with continental drift, North America and Australia are still in those corners 65 million years ago. Thanks, planet earth! You made writing this comic easy! UPDATE: If T-Rex lived in (dinosaur) Toronto, his map would look like this. Thanks, Martin!

IN OTHER NEWS: The CBC is having a "Write your own Dinosaur Comics" contest, with prizes! I am really excited for this!

AND ALSO: You know what this weekend is? Today AND tomorrow? It's the TORONTO COMICS ARTS FESTIVAL. One of my favourite conventions ever, right here in Toronto, and completely free. You should come! It's so much fun and there's SO MANY amazing comics. I'm doing a panel Saturday at 4:15 with David Malki, Matt Bennardo, Kate Beaton, Aaron Diaz, Chris Hastings and K.C. Green (seriously, that is like an all-stars panel of Rad People) where we'll be playing a non-trademarked version of Pictionary with Machine of Death cards. Should be... AWESOME??

One year ago today: you thought it was just a regular thursday didn't you? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. that'll be your epitaph: "here lies [you]: THEY THOUGHT WRONG."

– Ryan

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