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July 15th, 2013: In 2010, David, Matt and I put out a book called "Machine Of Death"! It was a crowdsourced collection of short stories written by a bunch of awesome people we'd never met, all based on the same premise originally proposed by T-Rex: what if there was a machine that could tell, from just a sample of your blood, you how you were going to die? It was a crazy book that nobody wanted to publish, so after a few years of trying we just straight-up published it ourselves.

The book became the #1 bestselling book on the day it launched. It ended up on a bunch of "best books of the year" lists. It was a super awesome story!

In one week we'll be launching the sequel, called This Is How You Die. It's going to be great: legit better in every way, with tons of awesome stories in a variety of genres (YES there is a choose-your-own-path Machine of Death story, OF COURSE there is). We went through almost 2000 submissions to select the 31 stories in this book. We're all SUPER proud of it. But what can you do to top becoming the #1 bestselling book on Amazon?

You try to make every one of authors in the book a New York Times Bestselling Author, by getting the book on the NYT bestsellers list.

This will be especially awesome since, like the first volume, this will be the first publishing credit for most of the authors in the book. We honestly don't know if this idea is possible. But we know it's possible to try.

Every sale from today onwards counts towards our NYT status. If this book at all interesting, and you think you might like reading inventive and memorable stories curated by a dude whose comics you like, then why not head over to (or .ca or and get the book? They've got it on sale for 30% off retail.

This book is gonna be insane. I can't wait for you to read it! And check out for more information, including some free stories from the book and a SWEET VIDEO :o

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