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What are the haps my friends

February 4th, 2014: Hey you know what happened on Saturday? Saturday was February 1st 2014 ALSO KNOWN AS the eleven-year anniversary of Dinosaur Comics! Is that not nuts? It is ENTIRELY NUTS. When I started Dinosaur Comics on February 1st, 2003 I thought the comic would last a month, and at the end of that month I'd change the template to something involving astronauts. But then I ended up liking T-Rex and Dromiciomimus and Utahraptor and thought, "okay, maybe I'll change templates every two months instead of every month". And now here we are 11 years later! The moral is: changing templates is a lot of work that can be easily postponed, THE END.

Thank you guys for letting me have the best job(s) in the world! Dinosaur Comics has been great, and it's let me do things like write the Adventure Time comics and do projects like The Midas Flesh and To Be or Not To Be and Machine of Death - two of those have their direct origins in Dinosaur Comics, actually. Nuts!

Anyway this is awesome, and you are awesome, and I thank you.

One year ago today: hope you weren't planning on being surprised at how each and every movie ends from now on

– Ryan

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