April 27th, 2020
the old lady didn't like the first bear's milk and so "spit it about", didn't like the second one's and so "threw it all out", and liked the third bear's milk so much that she drank the whole thing! monstrous. TRULY MONSTROUS. she doesn't even LIVE there!!
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The haps: You can read the story here! It was done in verse by Eleanor Mure for her nephew Horace Broke. The drawings, also done by Eleanor, are entirely charming, especially the dancing bears at the end once the old lady is gone.

There are two more comics exploring old fairy tales! 14th century Little Red Riding Hood and 19th century Rumpelstiltskin!

Hey, I've got a mailing list for SECRET PALS! If you'd like to be a SECRET PAL, baby, now is your chance. I only send out a message like once a month!

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