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September 4th, 2023: I may have told this story before, but when my brother was in high school, he showed me his essay for LORD OF THE FLIES and it was - completely wrong? It was all predicated on an ending that literally did not happen in the book, a really cool dark ending where it ends with one of the kids being murdered by another kid as rescue never comes. I was very confused, and he was too, until he showed me his copy of the book, borrowed from the school. Some past judicious student editor had torn out the last few pages, and the final page left just happened to end on a period - removing the deus-ex ending where a boat shows up out of nowhere and rescues the kids just before any stones comes down anyone's heads. Anyway, hard to say that this editor was wrong, and I've always thought fondly of LORD OF THE FLIES: UNAUTHORIZED COOLER EDITION.

One year ago today: shakespeare plays more like shakespeare played eventually if i remember

– Ryan

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