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What are the haps my friends

May 5th, 2006: Free comics, woo! Tomorrow (Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day, which means that you can go into pretty much any comic book store between noon and 6 and they'll give you a free comic. I've read both the Owly and Scott Pilgrim books, and they've both got brand-new complete stories and are both several flavours of great. There's lots of other sweet free comics too! If you're in Toronto, check out The Beguiling, where I'll be handing out free comics and signing books or whatever! You can pick up the Dinosaur Comics book there too. They're shipping! Have I mentioned they're shipping? They are shipping.

I did a guest comic today for Zach at Animals Have Problems Too. It is how I draw T-Rex in real life! T-Rex and I have the same problem.

A good animation is Drew's This Dinosaur is Dumb animation, which you will probably love for the "NOT SOUP" part.

One year ago today: god and the devil minicomics

– Ryan

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