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What are the haps my friends

June 6th, 2006: International orders are (finally!) up and running for the oh-so-sexy Dinosaur Comics: the book!. You just need to add "overseas shipping" to your order and you are SET. Check out the book here! Sorry for the delay, everyone who is not in North America!

Oh man, you know what this weekend is? This weekend (the 10th and 11th) is MoCCA. MoCCA is the first comics festival I ever went to and it's great. There's all sorts of books and comics there. It is really a good time. Everyone will be there: Allene, Andy, other Andy, Chris, David, David and Dale, Hope, Jeff, Jeph, Joey, John, Kean, Kent and Scott, Mal, Raina, Rich, Rob & Ramon, Rosemary, other Ryan, Steven, Steve, and a ton of other people too that I should probably be including here! I totally swiped most of this list from Jon, who's also going to be there too. You should come!

One year ago today: expiry date comics!

– Ryan

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