January 2nd, 2007
let's start the new year with comics about DISEASE huh that sounds like something we can all agree on
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The haps: It's the start of a new year! I got to change the date on my comic template, a rare pleasure I've had only 3 times before. That date is for the occasions I use a template. Honestly, most of the time I just jot out the image code in binary! WHO COULD POSSIBLY PROVE ME WRONG

I want to thank everyone for reading my comic the past year! It is a cheezy thing to do (so cheezy, in fact, that it's spelt like that) but it is true. If it weren't for you reading my comic and also buying shirts and books and sending me all the nice emails I get, I would have to get a real job and would not be able to tell people that my job is DAPPER INTERNET CARTOONIST LAD.

It has been a pretty good year! Besides the comics, I started RSSPECT, which now has over 100,000 RSS entries, and Project Wonderful, which has had a great launch! Thanks for your support, everyone! Thank you for your abiding interest in talking dinosaurs.

In sadder news, Death to the Extremist has ended. This was a comic that I liked but that never seemed to get the exposure it deserved. But dudes and ladies, check this! How is that not great? That is great.

Oh I forgot to mention! I wasn't 100% comfortable with doing a comic about a disease (it's a bad thing that affects real people! You don't want to make fun of that), but I think this comic is respectful. I actually wrote it in 2006 and have been thinking about it since then, which makes my lauded 2007 footer up there a BOLD-FACED LIE. :0

In any case, in order to sooth my troubled heart, I'm donating 100% of my shirt profits today to IFOPA, a non-profit organization dedicated towards furthering research into FOP and helping families dealing with the disease. I'll let you know how much that was tomorrow!

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