June 28th, 2007
did you hear the urban legend about the woman who eats a hot dog, but then it's actually a real dog? no you did not, because it is a stupid urban legend. hot dogs and real dogs don't even look the same! come ON.
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The haps: Since I kinda did a comic about it, here is the latest update on the 'getting my fridge repaired' situation. If you're not interested in the Status of the Fridge of a Guy on the Internet, now would be a good place to stop reading! Okay SO the repair guy called and said he'd be by, then called JUST NOW to say that he was downstairs and ringing the doorbell. But the doorbell wasn't ringing. I verified the address and then went downstairs to meet him and he was gone! And he's not answering his cell phone either. POSSIBLE THEORIES:
  • He was never there, but just a figment of my ice-cream starved mind.
  • He WAS there, but quickly phased to an alternate universe and right now Alternate Ryan is getting his fridge fixed. Screw you, Alternate Ryan!
  • He was at the wrong address, but the person there needed their fridge fixed too and took advantage of the situation. Screw you, opportunistic dude that fate likes better than me apparently!

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