June 29th, 2007
if i left the last panel blank, would that be too obvious? MAYBE JUST A LITTLE, HUH??
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The haps: Man, my comic is in JPEG format today, huh? Weird! I wonder why??

In other news, I feel dumb writing about my fridge on the internet, but HERE WE ARE. So it turns out that the fridge repair guy went to the wrong address, got mad, waited half an hour, called me, came to the right address, couldn't find a parking space, got mad again, left, called me, and told me he didn't want the job. But THEN, in a last-minute twist, he called me in the evening and said he could come by, looked at the fridge, and pronounced it beyond repair! So now we're waiting for the sweet Canada day weekend fridge sales tomorrow, and last night I had three roasts for dinner.

now you know

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