September 30th, 2008 
it turns out i basically already wrote yesterday's comic on December 11th 2006! but you can read yesterday's comic as a sequel to that, only with utahraptor being all "t-rex you can never win with me, my friend"

The haps: eye eye mouth

So guys last year a guy named Dr. McMuffin wrote A Dinosaur Comics Opera! He turned this comic into an opera. AMAZING. And I found out yesterday that it's going to be performed next week! Oh yes. Liederwölfe (that's a link to their MySpace page and they sound awesome) is performing it next Friday, October 3rd, in Montreal, as part of the Pop Montreal independent music festival! How rad is that? Answer: totally rad. You should come! Here are the DEETS:

When: Friday, October 3rd, 11 p.m.

Where: Les Saints, 30 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Canada

How much?: Pay What You Can

Who are these Liederwölfe people, in press-release format? Liederwölfe is a group of professional musicians who bring vocal music from the past 731 years to any venue, from pubs to parking lots to palaces. In existence for nearly three years, Liederwölfe powers on in its mission: to get out of the concert hall and bring classical vocal music to intelligent and curious music-lovers on their own terms - pint in hand. From barroom opera-cabaret to live art installation to contemporary music festivals and community fundraisers, Liederwölfe has collaborated with such local artists as Sherwin Tjia, Chinese alt-rockers Shanghai Triad, visual artists Mathieu Lefevre and Belinda Campbell, burlesque artist Miss Sugarpuss, and folk-pop dreamcatcher Courtney Wing.

– Ryan

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