October 1st, 2008 
everyone, think of how much fun things would be if we used "fubs" instead of "um"! police would be all, "where were you the night of april 21st, son?" and we'd be all, "fubs, uh, fubs..."

The haps: This seems kinda publicity-stunty, but Collins has come up with a list of words they're going to drop from their dictionary. Not the dictionary, their dictionary: we all know the dictionary is the OED. But in any case, a news story with a list of awesome words facing extinction (from the print edition) (of one dictionary I've never read) was STILL too much to pass up. I call "fubsy"! "Compossible" is also a great made-up sounding word that I hope to work into my speech from now on. I think doing this while still being understood is... compossible?

In any case, Collins said they'll be monitoring the media for use of these words, so check it out, Collins! I HOPE YOU READ WEBCOMICS??

– Ryan

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