July 8th, 2009 
so i did a search for "and i'm here to say i'm the" to see what sorts of things folks were here to say! SPOILER ALERT: you get a lot of mr plow references but BY FAR the cutest is from one maya tippett, who writes "My name's Maya Tim-Tums, and I'm here to say, I'm showing all the symptoms of a super awesome day!"

The haps: Guys Goats has a book out now! Infinite Typewriters. Goats has been online since FOREVER (where 12 years ago equals "forever", basically!) and it's amazing, because you can pick up this book and not be lost in all that continuity! The first few pages of comics give you all the characters and background you need.

Goats is kind of CRAZY, in that there's a joke in every comic BUT also this iron-clad continuity BUT ALSO crazy stuff happens all the time. It's almost like a child telling a story, where one thing flows into another, except it all escalates and makes sense and you start at a pub and end up in this universe-spanning epic and it never seems like things have changed. It's pretty rad you guys!

Thus concludes my second book recommendation in as many days, now you know that I read books

– Ryan

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