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July 16th, 2009: People sent in drawings of some of the characters I suggested yesterday!

Eric made this Sassy Cat From Space sketch featuring Astonished Plutocrat with Monocle and Overheated, Panting Dog; SM made this Beach Bunny Churchill ("a mystery wrapped in a straw hat"); and Randy did this Sassy Cat pose and logo! FINALLY, I thought someone sent in a photo of Churchill's head photoshopped onto a lady in a bikini, but I can't find it and am a little concerned that I imagined the whole thing. I remember the image being especially odd because Churchill has a very baby-like face, all bumpy and pouting. So for this one, you get to use your imagination.

UPDATE: Jeremy sent it to me again, imagine no longer

GUESS WHAT JUST CAME OUT: IT'S MY NEW BOOK!! If you've ever wondered what you'd do if you were stranded in the past, wonder no longer! With HOW TO INVENT EVERYTHING, you'll reinvent civilization from scratch, no matter what time period you're in. You'll become the single most influential, decisive, and important person ever born. You'll make history...


Here's the trailer!

One year ago today: if you're interested in learning more, i recommend "how to do things with words" by j.l. austin! i am lifting his ideas here!

– Ryan

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