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What are the haps my friends

July 16th, 2009: People sent in drawings of some of the characters I suggested yesterday!

Eric made this Sassy Cat From Space sketch featuring Astonished Plutocrat with Monocle and Overheated, Panting Dog; SM made this Beach Bunny Churchill ("a mystery wrapped in a straw hat"); and Randy did this Sassy Cat pose and logo! FINALLY, I thought someone sent in a photo of Churchill's head photoshopped onto a lady in a bikini, but I can't find it and am a little concerned that I imagined the whole thing. I remember the image being especially odd because Churchill has a very baby-like face, all bumpy and pouting. So for this one, you get to use your imagination.

UPDATE: Jeremy sent it to me again, imagine no longer

One year ago today: if you're interested in learning more, i recommend "how to do things with words" by j.l. austin! i am lifting his ideas here!

– Ryan

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